BOOM BOOM TRUNK T16 x Zenoy - Original

BOOM BOOM TRUNK T16 x Zenoy - Original




The partnership with the artist ZENOY has permitted to sublimate the nomadic music experience trunk.

Equipped with a portable speaker, the Trunk also allows to leave your personal belongings in dedicated compartments.


Size: T16    Dimensions: L32 x H16 x W32 cm

Original artwork signed by the artist and limited to 8 pieces.



Operating since 1988, Zenoy is heir of the writing technique born in Philadelphia at the end of the 1960s. This signature art based on work of the letter, is directly linked to hip-hop culture and exponentially grew in New York City in the 1970s, in a context of economic crisis leading to dilapidation or even desertion from certain districts like the Bronx or Brooklyn. This practice appeared in France at the beginning of 1980s thanks to the mediatization of the American hip-hop culture.

The work of Zenoy, balance between colors and shapes, is inspired from this first generation of French writers. Self-educated artist, he started the art of writing at only 14 years old. If his favorite support stays Parisian trains and subways, he also tagged Austrian, Belgian or Dutch walls. Besides this urban activity, Zenoy has given way to the realization of graffitis on canvas since 2000. His paintings are visible in French galleries and also abroad, proof of growing notoriety in the contemporary art world.


Exterior materials:

- Grained coated canvas upholstery

- Smooth leather lozines

- Solid brass Nickel plated hand-polished jewelry parts



- Lining and padding in Slate Black Dinamica Microfiber

- KLIPSCH Bluetooth APTX Speaker, covered by acoustically transparent fabric

- Removable pin tray

- Three compartments with separated connectors

Delivery time:

Each trunk is a unique piece of art made according to the ZENOY artist desires.

It is possible upon request to watch the artist realizing your piece in his atelier.


Delivery service: 

Metropolitan France delivery included.

Worldwide shipping upon request.