To pay tribute to a myth, staging a magic and futurist universe, to sublimate - on the occasion of the charity auction dedicated young girls and women - an epopee that has marked childhood and teenage years of million people, and still fascinating adults they became as well as new generations: such are the desires, inspirations and ambitions of this exclusive T.T.TRUNKS creation. A creation messenger of an expertise and a great complexity, living up to the prestige of the event and the exigency conveyed by T.T.TRUNKS

An work of art merging centenary know-how and technological prowesses push back the limits of audacity. And then the look is posed more particularly on the base: four articulated metallic legs, in which Star Wars fans will recognize an interpretation of the one carrying the ATAT, All Terrain Armored Transport walkers, from the saga. Robust and ultra technical in their conception, they seem to be frozen in the movement. T.T.TRUNKS trunk making craftsmanship is in each detail, even pushed in the geometrical and in volume upholstery work, made between the pedestal and the trunk, around a secret compartment opening by pressing an engraved mineral glass surface. The next episode of the story starts with the trunk deployment. Its transverse section once deployed, reveals one of the most symbolic Star Wars objects, Darth Vader helmet which - it is another visual shock - is levitating in the heart of the trunk. The whole thing is solemnized by the contrast between the Lord of the Siths helmet darkness, the brightness of the Alcantara padding and the Star Wars / T.T.TRUNKS embroidery crowning the whole.

Already a new episode: under the helmet, a elevated drawer conceals Blu-Ray DVD of the first six opuses of the saga, as well as free spaces to host those to come - as early as their publication - transmitted by T.T.TRUNKS team.
A way to continue and enrich the story of this trunk...

Nomadic audacity expert, T.T.TRUNKS is here the accomplice for both real and extraordinary travels as well as imaginary ones, renewed at each opening of this unique masterpiece.

This creation is meant to be a (hi)story, an intrigue in itself, whose episodes are unveiled all along discoveries and successives revelations. Pursuing in quest of trunk making reinvention and code breaker, T.T.TRUNKS invents here a striking artwork. At a glance: a trunk leaning on an articulated metallic pedestal. A trunk showing off all elements of brand identity: the depth and radicality of the black color through the grained bull leather lining and cowhide leather lozines hand-stitched with saddler points; jewelry parts stamped by the "three studs"; and side handles decorated with a intense edge-dyeing.


Materials and know-how

Trunk (L50 x W50 x H65 cm) 
Pedestal (L50 x W50 x H48 cm)
Solid Brass Nickeled Plated Hand Polished




  • Upholstery in grained black bull leather
  • Black cowhide leather lozines
  • Exclusive T.T.TRUNKS solid brass nickel plated hand-polished jewelry parts
  • Side handles in black cowhide leather, hand-stitched, decorated with a large and thick edge-dyeing, ten layers sanded down each time.


  • Original Darth Vador helmet
  • Crealev Levitation Technology magnetic sustenance system
  • LED Backlit and white Alcantara padding
  • Embroidery

Trunk offered at auction for WOMANITY Charity, the 4th of February in Geneva