The Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2000 is resulting from a very singular vintage. Sublimating a piece that rare could have only be done by an infinite reflection of the pink gold setting. this kaleidoscopic effect impresses and desorientates.

The year 2000 was warm, with temperatures lower than the average in July and a humid climate.The harvested Chardonnay grapes were soft, rich and complex. As for the Pinot Noir, it appeared structured and with a beautiful length in mouth.

The robe of Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2000 is profound with a beautiful amber color. The first scent is very floral and leaves place to cherry and candied lemon with cocoa notes and smoked touch, the whole forming a fine aromatic complexity. In mouth, the palate is structured and classic with a sensation of balance and beautiful aromatic persistence. This Champagne is surprises by its fruity very fresh and bright with a subtil touche of bitterness. This great Champagne is showcased in a setting of petals plunged in a pink gold bath, according to the traditional French goldsmithery techniques. It is a pure rarity, only 50 pieces were made.

This piece is available is the Moët-Hennessy private boutique in Paris.

Only by appointment.