The legendary Courchevel luxury hotel Les Airelles, trunk-makers T.T.TRUNKS and LOUIS XIII cognac have united their vision of the art of living and their attachment to beautiful things to join together in crafting a bespoke article. This celebration of the tasting experience follows the finest traditions of high standards and luxury shared by the three Houses.

Les Airelles and LOUIS XIII are celebrating their 10 year partnership by inviting unconventional trunk-maker T.T.TRUNKS to design the ultimate accompaniment to the LOUIS XIII cognac tasting ritual. The result is a contemporary design which brings a radically new twist to trunk accessories.

“Great journeys are wonderful in that their magic begins before the departure itself.” Joseph Kessel
The aluminium structure holds three small cases in okume, a wood selected for its stability and durability,encased in natural milled calfskin with Alcantara trimmings.

On top lies a LOUIS XIII jeroboam. The precious cognac is removed from the bottle using a dropper, in a technique inspired by the Cellar Master's traditional method of removing cognac from ancient tierçon barrels.

The many hues and tints of LOUIS XIII, glimmering in the light behind the bar at Les Airelles, range from a deep, blazing gold to marvellous mahogany glints and fiery red. Each case has a separate use, to create a distinctive mood and highlight an aspect of the experience. In the first, two facetted candle holders designed by Christophe Pillet bring special light to a special moment. A fine metalwork ashtray, designed by T.T.TRUNKS, a cigar cutter and a lighter are also included. The second case contains eight crystal glasses, while the last holds a humidor in Spanish cedar wood.

Each item becomes an integral part of a unique, specially designed tasting ceremony.

This pièce is now available in both Houses catalogues and also displayed in LOUIS XIII store located in Beijing.

The acquisition of this piece is only possible by appointment. (Require an Appointment)